White Christmas ala Torchwood

Looking for fluffy, holiday fic

Rather than go to various comms and post requests, I thought I'd try you all first.  I am looking for some fluffy holiday fic recs.  Just light, happy fic that will restore my holiday spirit. I don't care about length, in fact the longer the better (longer fics some angst is okay but not a total angst-fest, please). Following are my fandoms and preferred pairings:

Torchwood - Jack/Ianto only (nothing post Exit Wounds unless it fixes/ignores COE & Miracle Day, please)
Doctor Who - no pairings unless they are canon (ie Doctor(11)/River, Amy/Rory).  I'd prefer no Rose/Doctor fic unless they aren't a couple.
Merlin - Arthur/Merlin only, doesn't matter on other pairings or if it's canon era or modern AU
Hawaii Five-O - Danny/Steve
Criminal Minds - Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan or Hotch/Reid or Reid/Rossi (just nothing that references this season as I'm woefully behind)
Supernatural - Gen only (absolutely NO Dean/Cas or Dean/Sam AT ALL), the only pairing I will read is RPF Jared/Jensen and then it has to be fictional, not based on them as actors in the show.
Marvel Avengers/Agents of SHIELD - Stark/Banner, Coulson/Hawkeye
Sherlock - John/Sherlock, of course

Thank you in advance!
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I'm alive!!!! (and writing again....)

Hello my lovelies!

For the last few months I've been pretty quiet here on LJ but that's about to change.

I survived my daughter's wedding last month and she and my new son-in-law are settling happily into married life.  The wedding was gorgeous,  the groom was handsome and the bride was radiant.  The wonderful teachwriteslash came out for a couple of weeks and was the (self-titled) 'wedding lackey', making the day easier for me and even getting in between my hubby and my ex to break up a potential altercation during the rehearsal!  (everything calmed down, no punches were thrown, no one went to jail and minimal amounts of tears were shed....mainly by my ex, the jackass.)

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my lovely daughter in her dress
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In the fandom world, I already miss my Merlin boys and can't wait to see what they all do next; Matt Smith's imminent departure as the Doctor has me very sad (My top picks for his replacement would be Gareth David-Lloyd, Peter Wingfield or Rupert Young (Sir Leon from Merlin); I've seen potential dates of September for Sherlock to be back with it's third series, which I can't wait to see; and, I finally caved and started watching Supernatural (I now own all of the season 1-7 DVD's, have a massive crush on Sam Winchester (yes, I said Sam!) and have hooked my daughter, son-in-law, husband and teachwriteslash on the show!)

On the fanfic front, it seems my muses have FINALLY come back from wherever they disappeared to and I've actually been writing again!!  I have three, possibly four, stories in the works - one for reel_torchwood, one for the longliveianto Big Bang and a Torchwood choose-your-own-adventure type story that I'm writing in conjunction with faithharkness milady_dragon moonfirefic thrace_adams and teachwriteslash.  The possible fourth story is a Merlin fic based on a movie but I missed the deadline for signing up for the current round of reel_merlin so, unless I get permission to sign-up late, I may save that one for a bit.

I have still been reading a lot of fanfic, branching out from just Torchwood and Merlin and dipping my toes into Sherlock (John/Sherlock, of course), the Avengers (preferably Stark/Banner or Coulson/anyone) and Supernatural (Jensen/Jared RPF only - and not based on them, as the actors of SPN, preferably them in completely fictional settings/situations LOL).  So, if you have any recs along these lines, or suggestions for good comms for these fandoms/pairings, please let me know!

Also, I was listening to an oldies (sort of) radio station on my way home from work this afternoon and would now dearly love to see an Arthur/Merlin video to the song You Can Do Magic by America....if anyone knows of such a video (or feels inspired to make one lol) please give me a link!
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30 Day TV Meme - Day 6 Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

In case anyone was wondering, yes, I'm still alive LOL I should've known better than to start one of these daily memes when the time until my daughter's wedding keeps getting shorter and shorter. Oh well...on to the meme!

My favorite episode of M.A.S.H. Seriously?? I can only choose one???? There are sooo many fantastic episodes that it's pretty impossible to choose which one is my favorite. I'm going to go with the final episode, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen. This one episode had a little bit of everything that made the show my favorite - there was comedy and laughter, love and friendship, and a whole lot of sheer, gut-wrenching emotion. I can't watch this episode without sobbing like a baby one minute and laughing hysterically the next.

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30 Day TV Meme - Day 5 A show you hate

Okay, so I've missed a couple of days so I'm just picking up from here...on to day 5! I'm going to go with a reality show for this one - Bridezillas. Usually I enjoy all the wedding shows but this one...UGH! The bride's seem to think that just because they are on this show, that it is perfectly okay to be a complete bitch to everyone around them. Not. Cool. The few times I've watched the show, I've found myself rooting for the grooms to dump those 'bridezillas' on their asses.

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30 Day TV Meme - Day 3 Your favorite new show & Day 4 Your favorite show ever

Okay, in the travelling and excitement of Gallifrey, I missed yesterday's post so you get two answers today!

Day 3 My favorite new show (aired this season) has got to be Revolution. The basic premise is fantastic - after a global blackout where the electricity never comes back on, what is society like 15 years later? Action, adventure, mystery...it has it all and I just love it.

Day 4 My favorite show ever. This is a tough one to answer but I think I'm going to go with MASH. It was funny, heartbreaking, and all around wonderful. I watched it religiously when I was growing up. I cried (still do) when Col. Blake died, danced for joy when Frank Burns left (one of the most annoying characters ever IMO), said good-bye to Trapper, welcomed BJ Honeycutt, wanted to hug the stuffing out of Radar, laughed at Maj. Winchester, loved Col. Potter and did almost all of the above with Benjamin Franklin Pierce. I can still watch the re-runs over and over and enjoy them just as much, if not more, than when I first saw them.

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30 Day TV Meme - Day 2 A show that you wish more people were watching

The New Normal - Yes, it's a sitcom. Yes, there is a character that spews more judgmental, racist, homophobic bile than should be allowed on television. But, I really enjoy the show. It isn't afraid to take serious issues head-on and give them a dose of humor without belittling the situation. I'm making it sound like a boring, soapbox of a show but it really isn't. The characters were really rough in the beginning, but they've all smoothed out and the show is just a very enjoyable half-hour of fun that makes you think.

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